Our research interests lie at the interface of immune-oncology, nucleic acid therapeutics, nanomedicine, pharmacoengineering and pharmacoimaging. My current focus is to develop “off-the-shelf” nucleic acid nanomedicines to modulate the immune system to treat cancer, and to interrogate the immuno-nano interfaces. My long-term goal is to implement immunotherapy to a broad population of patients. These interests often involve the following areas:

  • ImmunoEngineering/ImmunoTheranostics

  • Nucleic acid therapeutics and probes (immunomodulatory DNA/RNA, mRNA, gene-editing gRNA, siRNA/shRNA, plasmid, aptamer, etc)

  • Drug delivery

  • Nanovaccine/Nanomedicine

  • Immunotherapy of cancer and immune disorders

Very recent research efforts in the lab concern combination cancer immunotherapy based on nanovaccines and nanomedicines, mRNA therapeutics, STING-activating immunomodulators, and gene-editing nanomedicines. 



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