Nanomedicine for combination cancer immunotherapy
Pharmacoengineering of nanomedicine for cancer immunotherapy, gene therapy, and chemotherapy
Systematic pharmacoimaging of nanovaccines for cancer immunotherapy
Analysis of antitumor immunity
Combination tumor therapy

Openings for postdocs, graduate students (PhD, MS), visiting students and scholars, undergraduate students, and high-school students are available in the lab to work on projects in areas of immunotherapy of cancer and autoimmune diseases, immunoenginering, gene editing, nanomedicines/nanovaccines, and nucleic acid drugs. Animal work experience and other related research experiences are preferred.  Contact the lab at for details. 


We are passionate about drug delivery, or specifically engineering molecular or nano- medicines to deliver immunomodulatory molecules to engineer the immune system for the treatment and prevention of immune-related diseases, including cancer.   

Our research interests lie at the interface of immune-oncology, nucleic acid therapeutics, nanomedicine, pharmacoengineering and pharmacoimaging. My current focus is to develop “off-the-shelf” nucleic acid nanomedicines to modulate the immune system to treat cancer, and to interrogate the immuno-nano interfaces by super-resolution imaging. My long-term goal is to implement immunotherapy to a broad population of patients. These interests often involve the following areas:

  • ImmunoEngineering/ImmunoTheranostics

  • Nucleic acid therapeutics and probes (immunomodulatory DNA/RNA, mRNA, gene-editing gRNA, siRNA/shRNA, plasmid, aptamer, etc)

  • Drug delivery

  • Nanovaccine/Nanomedicine

  • Immunotherapy of cancer and immune disorders


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Combination tumor therapy